Strategic technologies for market survivors, disruptors and change agents

Change agents know how great it feels after that long exhale, the one we take after we’ve wrapped up a challenging project. Then it’s on to the next feat, because staying on top requires ongoing effort and foresight. This is the only way to keep catching the waves, and profiting from each one!

Gartner published their top 10 Strategic Technology Trends For 2017.

Digital Technology Platforms was listed as a Strategic Technology Trend, with Gartner advising companies to plan ways to evolve their platforms to meet the challenges of digital business.

No surprises here.

I’ve been working with results-driven leaders and change agents for years now, supporting them in a number of tough circumstances where it was up to them to rally their troops, convince their highest ranks, and lead their companies through digital transformations that advanced their market position. While the execs have all been different, working in very different industries in varying functional roles, they’re all fixated on transformation to achieve a few very key advantages:

Time to market—This is the make or break for most organizations, and it’s an absolute must for keeping the lead.

Agility—Agility translates to options. Like adding new channels and business lines (with an investment $ the C-suite can stomach). Or the ability to absorb acquisitions into a singular and efficient system quickly and maintain momentum for all business lines. This way you can zig when the others zag.

Transparency—Remember bill shock? To combat a mounting problem US carriers all agreed to send free usage alerts, and now you and I can better monitor and manage our plans. The bar keeps rising as businesses break down silos within themselves and include their customers in service delivery control.

Smart organizations recognize that before long every company is going to be a technology company and they’re taking the necessary steps to transform business systems, processes and workflows so they can win.

And what’s the win? Simple: revenue, more revenue, faster revenue and more responsive revenue strategies :-)

Daniel Fanaberia Nov 07, 2016