jBilling Releases 3.3.1 Community Edition

January 8 2015 by Crystal Bourque

Ottawa, Ontario, January 8, 2015 - Enterprise jBilling Software Ltd., a leader and pioneer of open source enterprise billing has released jBilling Community Edition version 3.3.1. (Please note that version 3.2 was skipped as it would have postponed this release.)

jBilling’s Community Edition 3.3.1 comes with many new features including: Discounts, Collections Process, Custom Notifications, SureTax Integration, and updated Billing Process.

In addition, there are enhancements to existing features such as: Meta Fields, Notifications, Payments, GUI, MySQL Support, and Error Reporting.

“jBilling is focused on giving our community access to some of the latest and greatest features our software has to offer,” says Emiliano Conde, Founder & President of Enterprise jBilling Software Ltd.. “These new features and enhancements make this free edition of our open source software an exciting version for both our developers and users.”

jBilling Community Edition new features:

Billing Process. Advanced logic allows the customer's billing cycle and the company's billing frequency to be controlled independently. This new functionality also provides more billing schedule options such as, weekly on choice of day, or semi monthly on the 1st and 16th, 2nd and 17th, and so on. Pro-rating is also now configured from the user interface, with the option of being turned on or off at the Order level.

Discounts Module. Create discounts to apply to any combination of products on a purchase order. Discounts can be configured as amounts or percentages, and as one-time, time-limited or anytime values.

Custom Notifications. Create custom notifications via the user interface and link them to any new or existing jBilling Internal Event using our EventBasedCustomNotification plug-in.

SureTax Integration. Configure plug-ins to support a seamless integration between SureTax and jBilling, where tax calculations are fetched from a SureTax account and included in a jBilling invoice.

Customizable Collections & Automatic-Payment Configuration. This feature, which replaces the previous Ageing feature, allows customers to create as many steps as a company requires, name each with the company’s terminology, and control notifications, payment attempts and account suspension as desired for each one. The timing of Automated Payment attempts are now fully configurable with this feature, instead of being automatically triggered at the time of billing.

Payment Enhancements. Support partial refunds on any payment made on an invoice.

jBilling Community Edition Feature Enhancements:

Meta Field Enhancements. Configure meta fields for main areas of the system, including Invoice and Payments.

Notification Enhancement. Email copies of notifications to different users associated to a customer’s account such as: Parent, Partner, and Admin.

Add Custom Notification per Ageing Step. Configure the UserAgeingNotificationTask plug-in to assign custom notifications per collection step.

jBilling User Interface. An improved GUI with a fresh new look and feel.

Improved support for MySQL. Handle transactions around Payments and the Billing Process to support MySQL specific limitations around nested transactions.

Error reporting. Error message and reporting enhancements simplify debugging processes.

About Enterprise jBilling Software Ltd

Enterprise jBIlling Software Ltd, an AppDirect Company, is a global player with consultants on four continents. It is a mature and rapidly evolving open source system. It delivers a comprehensive billing solution that is popular with many industries including: Telecommunications, ISPs, ASPs, and Media.

For information on jBilling, contact sales@jbilling.com, or visit our website, www.jbilling.com.

jBilling & Telco Product Management Webinar

January 7 2015 by Crystal Bourque

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this webinar has been cancelled. We will announce a new date and time shortly. Please direct any questions to: sales@jbilling.com

Does your existing billing system make it difficult to update or change your products, plans and rates as your company grows? 

Do you need to simplify how your customers purchase your complex Telco services? 

Do you want to focus on your business instead of spending all your time managing products and services? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, join jBilling's President, Emiliano Conde, and Engineer, Ziad Elkayal on Wednesday, January 28th, from 1:00 - 2:00pm EST, for a 60 minute webinar on Telco Product Management. The presentation will include a live demo on: Products, Pricing, Rate Cards, Plans, Bundles, and Discounts.

Event Information:

Webinar - jBilling & Telco Product Management

Wednesday, January 28th

1:00 - 2:00pm EST

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jBilling Releases 4.0 Telco Edition

December 8 2014 by Crystal Bourque

jBilling is pleased to announce the official release of our 4.0 Telco Edition. This release comes with many brand new features, several existing feature improvements and a few changes to the User Interface (UI).

Improved features include:

Order Management, Provisioning, Mediation, Agents & Commissions, and Payments.

New features include:

Account Types, Asset Management, Route Rate Cards, and Company Hierarchies.

The following is a breakdown and brief description of the above mentioned features:

Account Types: Manage groups of customers uniquely using Account Types. Creating Account Type templates with a variation of meta fields called, Account Information Types helps to manage information specific to a group of customers. In addition, define Products so that they belong to one or many Account Types. This action restricts a customer from purchasing incorrect items.

Asset Management: This feature manages inventory items. From phone numbers to hardware, configure jBilling to mark assets as ‘available’ or ‘in use’, and keep track of which customers they are assigned to.

Order Management: The core functionality of an Order has not changed. Updates to this feature include: tracking changes and assigning an effective date to order lines, linking related orders, and complex provisioning workflow management.  

Mediation: Upgraded to use a distributed CDR processing method. Take advantage of jBilling’s ability to now process tens of thousands of CDRs in seconds.

Route Rate Cards: Using a tree structure of Data Tables, dynamically arrive at a rate specific to an event from values found in an external record. From there, the system will direct the event to move to a different table. It will arrive at a route which will determine the correct rate by checking the values of specific columns in one table.  

Provisioning: While the core functionality of this feature hasn’t changed, the UI contains an additional module. When specific provisioning-related plug-ins are configured, the system will display provisioning actions for Orders, Payments and Assets.

Company Hierarchies: It is now possible to create a Parent Company with none, one, or many Child Companies. These companies can share the same Products, Assets and Plans, as well as maintain their own, separate items. In addition, invoice Resellers at a wholesale rate, while charging their customers at a different retail rate.

Agents & Commissions: This feature replaces jBilling’s Partner functionality. It allows you to create Agents who receive commissions based on Products sold or overrides at the Agent level. Configure an Agent/Sub-Agent hierarchy and allow commission to roll up to the Parent Agent, or refer Agents and calculate a referral commission.

Payments: Configure an unlimited number of payment methods and associate them to group of customers. Payment types include: Payment Card, ACH and Cheque. jBilling now also uses Diameter AAA Protocol to manage real-time, pre-paid scenarios.

For more information on jBilling and the 4.0 Telco Edition, please contact us: sales@jbilling.com.

Simplifying Complexity with jBilling 4.0 Telco Cloud

December 1 2014 by Crystal Bourque

Do any of the following statements sound familiar?

"I need a solution that is fast and easy to roll-out."

"Most cloud billing is basic. I need a real Telco billing solution to handle my rate cards, Millions of CDRs, and complex price plans."

"I need to ensure PCI compliance and security in billing."

"I want to focus on my Telco business, not Billing."

"CapEx budget restraints dictate a 'pay-as-you go' OpEx solution."

If so, join jBilling's President, Emiliano Conde, and Engineer, Ziad Elkayal on Wednesday, December 10th from 10:00 to 11:00 am EST, for a 60 minute webinar on jBilling 4.0 Cloud.

This event will examine how to overcome common CSP issues, and showcase the newly-released jBilling Telco Cloud 4.0. The presentation will include a live demo on: jBilling's Cloud architecture, Account Types, Order Changes, Asset Management, Company Hierarchies, and more!

Event Information:

Webinar - jBilling 4.0 Cloud

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

10:00 – 11:00 a.m. EST

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UPDATE - jBilling Webinar on Invoice Template Generator (ITG) Tool

October 23 2014 by Crystal Bourque


Invoice templates are a key component to any billing software. jBilling has developed new functionality called, Invoice Template Generator (ITG). This tool allows you to create and design invoice templates quickly and easily from the user interface. An invoice template can be customized with unique: content, layout, formatting, images, and colours, by any user with the correct privileges. Once a template is complete it can be cloned so that a copy of it can be used to efficiently create a similar one.

On November 5th from 10:00 - 11:00 am EST, join jBilling’s founder and President, Emiliano Conde for a 60 minute presentation where he will review our Invoice Generation Template (ITG) functionality, and answer questions from the audience.

Event Information:

Webinar - Invoice Template Generator (ITG) Tool

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

10:00 – 11:00 a.m. EST

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