Enterprise jBilling Software Ltd. Announces Release of jBilling Telco Edition 3.3

April 2 2014 by Crystal Bourque

Ottawa, Ontario, April 2, 2014 - Enterprise jBilling Software Ltd., a leader and pioneer of open source enterprise billing, today released version 3.3 of jBilling Telco Edition.

jBilling 3.3 Telco Edition comes with the addition of many new features including: Discounts, Time Capsule, Customizable Collections & Automatic-Payment Configuration, Dynamic Tabs, Diameter AAA Protocol, and Distributed Mediation Processing.

“At jBilling, we work very hard on expanding the capabilities of our software to stay on top of the ever evolving billing industry,” says Emiliano Conde, Founder & President of Enterprise jBilling Software Ltd.. “These new features will help to improve the billing process for both our existing and new customers in many significant ways.”

jBilling Telco Edition 3.3 New Features

  • Discounts Module. Users can create discounts that can be applied to any combinations of products on a purchase order. Discounts can be configured as amounts or percentages, and as one-time, time-limited or anytime values.
  • Time Capsule. In jBilling 3.3, this feature records and displays incremental changes made to customer accounts, products, plans, orders and invoices. Users can view those changes, by date and time, down to the minute.
  • Customizable Collections & Automatic-Payment Configuration. This feature, which replaces the existing Ageing feature, allows customers to create as many steps as a company requires, name each with the company’s terminology, and control notifications, payment attempts and account suspension as desired for each one.
  • Dynamic Tabs. Using the ‘My Account’ menu in account settings, users can control or set the jBilling tabs in order of preference. If a user does not want to see a tab, or is not permitted to see a tab, it will not be visible in the UI.
  • Diameter AAA Protocol. Diameter Protocol is an authentication, authorization and accounting protocol for computer networks. Evolved from Radius, Diameter Protocol is integrated with jBilling to support extensive pre-paid balance scenarios.
  • Distributed Mediation Processing. Distributed processing, also known as parallel processing, provides customers with the ability to distribute and balance their jBilling processing, delivering higher throughput when processing Hadoop CDR data.

For information on jBilling Telco Edition and the latest release, contact sales@jbilling.com, or visit our website, www.jbilling.com.

About Enterprise jBilling Software Ltd

Enterprise jBIlling Software Ltd, an AppDirect Company, is a global player with consultants on four continents. It is a mature and rapidly evolving open source system. It delivers a comprehensive billing solution that is popular with many industries including: Telecommunications, ISPs, ASPs, and Media.

WEBINAR: Making Complex Telecom Tax Simple through Billing, Calculation and Compliance Solution

February 12 2014 by Crystal Bourque

Tax compliance can be a complex and daunting task for companies in the United States with telecom based offerings. From regulatory requirements to billing, tax calculation, filing and remittance, the process can be overwhelming. It’s often difficult to even know where to start.

In this webinar, we’ll cover solutions that simplify the telecom tax compliance burden.

Join us as we de-mystify the telecom tax process and show you how to do it right. Even if you’re currently in operation but out of compliance, we’ll show you how to get back on track.

During this webinar, you’ll hear:

  • Information based on complex taxes in the United States
  • Easy to implement solutions for telecom billing that cover a wide range of billing scenarios
  • How to calculate telecom taxes easily and accurately, sitused to the proper jurisdictions
  • Options for reporting and filing taxes and fees including in-house solutions and outsourcing solutions
  • Reduce your risks and worries by doing your telecom tax compliance right.

Registrants will also receive a 10 Step Telecom Tax Implementation Guide.

Who should attend:

  • CFOs, VPs, and other Finance and Tax Decision Makers
  • Directors, Senior Managers, and Product Managers of Telecom Services
  • Directors and Senior Managers of Tax


  • Mike Sanders, Chief Product Strategist, SureTax
  • Robert Dumas, Founding Partner, TaxConnex
  • Emiliano Conde, President & Founder, jBilling

This webinar will be held on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 2:00pm EST / 11:00 am PST


Are You a Java Guru?

February 10 2014 by Emiliano Conde

Java Gurus of the world, come and join the jBilling team!

If you have top notch java experience, you will fit right in. It does not matter where you live, we have the processes and structure to hire you now. We currently have talented people like you writing challenging Java code from places like Macedonia, Argentina, Armenia, Russia, India and more!

To apply, take a look at jBilling's Jobs Page, and join my team of the best Java developer in the world.

Webinar - Company Hierarchies

January 10 2014 by Crystal Bourque

What happens if you have several companies, and you need to manage billing for all of them?

Through jBilling’s previous Multi-Tenant functionality, you had the ability to create as many separate instances as you needed. For example, you could set up one to many companies, and each of them would contain their own billing information (products, customers, billing cycles, etc.).

jBilling has recently extended this functionality With Company Hierarchies, the system now allows you to create a hierarchy of companies to convert multi-tenancy into relationship based entities. It is still possible to host unrelated companies, but now you can have Parent-Child relationships between these entities as well.

Join jBilling’s founder and President, Emiliano Conde for a 60 minute presentation where he will review the Company Hierarchy functionality and answer questions from the audience.

Event Information:

Webinar - Company Hierarchies
Friday, January 31 2014
10:00 – 11:00 a.m. EST
Registration: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8440030830882399233

Webinar - Routing Rate Cards

November 18 2013 by Crystal Bourque

There’s no question that billing for telecommunication services can be incredibly complex. Customers can make calls to different countries, to different zones within their own country, as well as from a different country to yet another country or zone. Each of these areas have their own rates, and the billing system needs to know specific information in order to bill the customer.

How can this complex scenario be solved so that customers are correctly invoiced?

Join jBilling’s founder and President, Emiliano Conde for a 60 minute presentation. He will review our new Route Rate Card functionality, and answers questions from the audience.

Event Information:
Webinar: jBilling and Route Rate Cards
Thursday, November 28, 2013
10:00 – 11:00 a.m. EST
Registration: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7773620130498577409