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  • Build a scalable solution from scratch while keeping the technological infrastructure
  • Find and build the solution within two months
  • Find a solution that could interact with third party entities to manage billing


  • jBilling 3


  • jBilling provided a highly flexible, easy to implement billing solution
  • Met customers needs and expectations
  • Successfully managed billing and invoicing for 20,500 customers

Innowave Uses jBilling to Ensure Seamless Business Continuity

Innowave Technologies S.A. (Innowave) is a technology and IT services company, with specialization in BSS systems (CRM and billing), OSS systems (network provisioning and service fulfilment) and Multimedia services and products (interactive TV, mobile applications, smart kiosks). Based in Lisbon, Portugal, and with an office in Brussels, Belgium, Innowave is employing a global service delivery model with customers and projects in several European countries, the Americas, and Asia.


As a global company, Innowave works on many diverse projects around the world. When a Highway Toll Collection project in Portugal needed to implement billing, its team turned to Innowave. From the start, it was clear that Innowave had it’s work cut out for it. “In two and a half months, we needed to design and build a reliable, scalable solution to ensure business continuity,” says Carlos Pereira, Manager at Innowave Technologies. “The solution needed to interact with third party entities to manage and control shared revenue, to invoice credit customers in a monthly billing cycle, to handle different accounting documents (invoices, credit notes, receipts and invoice/receipts) and to manage the revenue stream of all highway customers.”


“jBilling was a perfect fit. All we had to do was integrate it with our existing systems. It was like replacing a single gear in a clock.”

Beyond the functional and business challenges, Pereira states, “it was also necessary to pay special attention to the technological infrastructure to support the solution that had to be build from scratch.”


The solution combined jBilling’s 3.0.1 Enterprise Edition, with a postgreSQL database allied to the Innowave experience in implementing complex billing solutions. “The customer wanted an open source solution,” Pereira says. “It had to be flexible, reliable and scalable, allowing for a rapid deployment and effective response to complex business scenarios.”

One of the key aspects to understanding the solution was to analyze the types of customers the solution had to deal with. “We have anonymous customers, identified customers, electronic payment customers, post-paid customers, and exempt,” says Pereira, “and each customer type has different logic associated to it.”


“jBilling is the best open source billing system on the market. We knew it was the best fit for our needs.”

The revenues generated by these customer types, except the exempt, are subject to revenue sharing with other toll operators. Pereira goes on to add, “considering the graphic revenue ending in the highway, the solution had to be prepared to receive and recognize revenues from traffic starting in the highway and ending at another concessionaire.”

It was important for jBilling to be able to interface with a few key entities. “From these customer entities, the implemented solution receives a toll collection system, or TCS, an electronic payment entity, concessionaires, and rating and billing,” Pereira says. “The revenue management and inter-accounting part of the solution needed to be customized around jBilling’s core structure, taking advantage of the high-level flexibility to create and add new business rules and to use the available features.”


“The project was a success in both the response and the quality of the service delivered,” says Pereira. “jBilling proved to be a highly flexible and easy to implement system and was a perfect match for the customer’s needs and expectations.”


“Since May 2012, jBilling has processed more than 4 million Traffic Detail Records (TDRs) from the above mentioned entities.”

He goes on to add: “Currently, the implemented solution manages about 5,000 identified and post paid customers and handles 20,000 Traffic Detail Records (TDRs) daily from TCS, in a process that runs every 15 minutes, in a ration of more than 600 TDRs per minute. This solution is also providing access to 45 customers’ users.”


“jBilling gave us the flexibility to build the solution we wanted, quickly and efficiently. Most importantly, our customer is able to effectively and correctly generate billing and invoices for their customers.” 

Carlos Pereira, Manager, Innowave Technologies