Account Hierarchies

Pinpoint invoice recipients with hierarchal account structures.

When adapting to unique billing scenarios, a billing system must be able to represent accounts in complex structures. jBilling lets you organize your accounts in hierarchies, creating sub-accounts to a level that fits your needs.

Custom Fields

Supercharge your customer accounts with custom fields.

With jBilling's custom fields feature, you can add important personalized details to your customer accounts, and even have them appear on invoices. Whether you need to add tax IDs or cell phone numbers, custom fields can be easily created directly from the user interface. New custom fields are available immediately on the customer information screen, as well as through the API.

Customer Login Access

Customers can log in to view their invoices and make direct payments.

Let customers handle certain tasks themselves by accessing your system through the web. With jBilling, you can give your customers the freedom to pay for products and services, change personal and billing information, review invoices, and download historical payment data.

Role-Based Security

User-specific security levels and system access.

With jBilling, you can create multiple users then assign them unique roles. By doing so, you'll have complete control over who can access what within the system. The three system roles are:

  • Super User - Team members at your own company who need to access the entire system
  • Clerk - Staff members at your company who do not need to access the configuration area
  • Customer - External customers who will be logging into the system; can view and pay invoices, but cannot access other areas