Get the right edition for your business.

jBilling comes in four editions, including Community, which is free, as well as Enterprise and Telco editions, which have yearly fees for licensing, support, and maintenance. These editions give you the source code so you keep full control of your billing solution. The Telco Hosted edition has a monthly subscription fee, or a yearly option that offers a discount. As a cloud-based solution, the Telco Hosted edition does not provide access to the source code.

Buy vs Build

Download the PDF for a breakdown of the cost associated with the two options, and learn more about the jBilling solution.

jBilling Features Community Enterprise Telco Telco Hosted
Web 2.0 GUI jBilling has an easy to navigate, user-friendly interface that facilitates information sharing. yes yes yes yes
Multiple Language/Currency Configure multiple languages and currencies to encompass your customer needs at an international or global level. yes yes yes yes
Plug-In Architecture Configure or develop additional functionality to customize your billing system without changing its core. yes yes yes yes
Scalable Start small, grow to millions. yes yes yes yes
Multi-Level Hierarchy Organize the structure of your accounts so that customer invoices reach the intended recipient. yes yes yes yes
Custom Fields Create customized fields to add important personalized details to your customer accounts. yes yes yes yes
Web Access for Customers Customers can log into the system to view and make direct payments to their personal accounts. no yes yes yes
Security: Access Control by User Secure and private access to the system can be controlled based on the type of user you create. no yes yes yes
Automated Invoice Generation Feel at ease knowing that your billing process will automatically generate invoices with little assistance from your billing administrator. yes yes yes yes
Email, PDF, or Paper Invoices Simplify your method of invoice distribution through the use of automatic emails, PDF downloads, and printed copies. yes yes yes yes
Configure PDF Invoice Format Maintain the look and feel of your invoices through easy PDF configuration. yes yes yes yes
Automated Payment Processing Automatically or manually process payments in real-time to facilitate instant money transfers between your company and your customers. yes yes yes yes
Credit Card and ACH Support Take advantage of the system's ability to automatically handle payments made with credit card or direct debit (ACH). yes yes yes yes
Partial and Advanced Payments With a need for multiple payment types, jBilling accepts partial and advanced customer payments. yes yes yes yes
Pre-Payments and Credit Limits Allow customers to pre-pay or accrue credit for goods and services while ensuring that purchases do not go above a set account limit. no yes yes yes
Payment Gateway Plug-ins Plug-ins integrate with various payment gateways, giving you the freedom to select any gateway you require. yes yes yes yes
Integration API A robust integration API makes it possible for your own application to make a call to jBilling. no yes yes yes
Product Management
Bundles, Packages, and Plans jBilling enables you to create complex bundles, packages, and plans directly though the user interface. no yes yes yes
Promotions Set up a special price on a particular product for a particular time period or customer, without changing the price of the product when it falls outside of the promotion. no yes yes yes
Complex Pricing Through the use of multiple pricing models, plans, and bundles, jBilling is capable of handling highly complex pricing scenarios. no yes yes yes
Rate Cards Use rate cards to assign large tables of prices to products. no no yes yes
Core CDR Processing Process external data into jBilling in an extensible way. no no yes yes
Configurable CDR Format Reading Process events in any format, just by configuring jBilling. no no yes yes
Readers for Files and Databases Choose the method of mediation that best suits your needs. jBilling provides plug-in readers for both files and databases. no no yes yes
Error Management and Recycling Bin Identify CDRs with errors so that they can be quickly reprocessed. no no yes yes
Distributed CDR Processing Scale to thousands of CDRs per second by enabling parallel processing across a cluster of servers dedicated to mediation. no no yes yes
Professional Support jBilling provides high-quality professional services. We can assist you from the moment you deploy your billing solution, all the way to helping you achieve business success. no yes yes yes
Mission Critical 24x7 Support jBilling's experienced staff will respond promptly to any mission-critical situation. no yes yes yes
Billing-as-a-Service no no no yes