Automated Payment Processing

Get paid faster with automatic, real-time payment processing.

By using a plug-in and an automatic gateway, jBilling can automatically process payments made by your customers via credit card or ACH (direct debit). jBilling can even support and be configured to accommodate multiple payment processors. In cases of failed payments, the payment processor can continue making retrieval attempts through the configuration of automatic retries.

Credit and Debit Support

Automatically process different kinds of payments.

Once you configure the credit card and ACH components, standard jBilling plug-ins make receiving payments hassle free. You can require that your customers pre-pay for products and services, or allow them to pay upon receipt—or, you can use a combination of both. Payment information can be stored and used any time a purchase is made.

Flexible Payment Scheduling

Accept partial and advanced payments from your customers.

No matter how many different ways you bill your customers, jBilling can handle all of them. You can choose to let your customers make full or partial pre-payments for future services. For partial payments, jBilling also calculates and reflects the remaining balance on customer invoices.

Pre-Payments and Credit Limits

Let customers pre-pay or make purchases on limited credit lines.

Allow your customers to enjoy flexibility with jBilling's plug-ins. The system can automatically deduct pre-paid amounts from customer accounts via credit or ACH. As customers make purchases, their account balances decrease. When customers reach a pre-determined minimum—$5.00, for example—jBilling will automatically recharge their account.

You can also give your customers credit limits. With this functionality, customers accrue debt up to a pre-determined amount, then are unable to make additional purchases. Calling cards are a common example of this scenario.