Product Management

Bundles, Packages, and Plans

Create bundles, packages, and plans directly through the user interface.

Every business has a different way of organizing their products and services—and their pricing. With jBilling’s multi-layered pricing functionality, you can create as many plans, bundles, and packages as needed.

Special Pricing and Promotions

Create sale prices for certain products, timeframes, and customers.

When you want to create a promotion or special pricing, jBilling has you covered. Set the discounted price based on the product, timeframe, and/or customer identity, and jBilling will revert back to the original pricing after the promotion has ended.

Complex Pricing

Make use of multiple pricing models, plans, and bundles.

Do you have products that are priced differently based on volume? Or customers who receive special pricing? Will you be providing plans that carry multiple products with several different kinds of pricing? jBilling can handle all of this and more with extensible, customizable pricing models.