Cloud Based Billing

Avoid complicated installations, lengthly implementation projects, and the headaches that come with running your own billing system. jBilling provides a service that scales as your company grows.


Count on maximum flexibility: everything in jBilling is configurable, from customers to invoices. Use our system's extensive plug-in architecture to further extend and customize the system.

Easy plans and pricing

With jBilling, you don't need technical resources to sell new products with complex pricing. Setup plans, bundles, discounts and rate cards in minutes.

jBilling is the billing provider of choice for global telcos.

  • Flexibility

    "The flexibility of jBiling is great. Any pricing or business rules we can think of, it can handle out-of-the-box, or with plug-ins. It scales well, handling very large volumes with ease."

  • Scalability

    "We need to plan for growth, to the tune of hundreds of millions of CDRs per day. Only jBilling could meet this scalability challenge."

  • Ease of use

    "We can quickly signup customers, setup products, create bundles and just leave billing to jBilling. We can then focus on growing our customer base."