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The information provided in this section applies to jBilling’s Community Edition.

Below is a brief description of what each page covers in the User Section.

User Guide

A link to download the pdf User Guide for jBilling’s Community Edition is available on this page. The User Guide provides a detailed and concise breakdown of all the functions of the system. It is broken down into fifteen chapters, followed by appendices.


To install jBilling’s Community Edition on Windows, Mac or Linux, both written and video instructions are accessible from this page. As new updates are released frequently to provide new features and bug fixes, this page also includes steps for upgrading jBilling to the latest version.

Instructions on Building jBilling from Source are also available.

Getting Started

This page is highly recommended to all new users of jBilling! The Getting Started Guide uses a fictional company example to help familiarize users with the basics of the system. Three of jBilling’s main features are covered here: Entering your Customer’s Data, System Configuration, and My First Invoice.

Custom Business Logic

Custom business logic is easily handled through the management of plug-ins. Provided here is a guide to setting up plug-ins to meet the specific custom logic of your business needs.

Database Guide

This guide provides instructions on how to configure jBilling if you are using a database other than Hypersonic (the default bundled database). As a general rule, if you are planning to run a more demanding environment, you will want to configure jBilling to use a different database.

This guide also contains a list of databases and their exposure with jBilling, and information on MySQL Database.

Translating jBilling

As jBilling is used all over the world, one of its best features is the ability to configure different elements based on the needs of a country. Follow the steps to add a new language to the system by translating the text in two files.

Payment Processor

While there are many payment plug-ins bundled in with jBilling, this page provides a concrete use case. Here you will find instructions for configuring the payment plug-in used to submit payments with Intrannuity.