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Translating jBilling

Translating jBilling

One of jBilling's best features is that it can be configured to fit the needs of your country. All it takes to translate jBilling is to get the text in two files translated. In this guide, we'll go though the steps to add a new language to jBilling. You do not need to know any programming to get this done; you just need a text editor and, of course, knowledge of English and the new language  you wish to add. Here are the steps:

  1. Download this file.
  2. Open the file with a text editor, and translate it. Do not translate the keys (what is to the left of the '='), but the content (what is to the right of the '=').
  3. Save the file with a new name. The name has to be Replace XX for the language code you have translated to. See here a list of language codes (under the column ISO 639-1).
  4. Download this file.
  5. Open it with a text editor. Search for the line that starts with '<Language.' Copy and paste that line, replacing the code with the code you found in step 3, the Description with the name of the language, and the ID with a new ID. Please note that there can only be one language with the same ID, so you need to add 1 to the latest language. For example, if Spanish is the last one and has id=3, your language will be id=4.
  6. Search for the first line starting with '<InternationalDescription.' There is a large block of these lines (about 800 of them) for English (language=1). You need to copy and paste them. Replace the 1 in LanguageId="1" with the ID of the new language that you entered in the previous step. Translate all of the text in the 'Content' field.
  7. Save the file.
  8. Send both files to [email protected]

Now, you can wait for the next jBilling release to see all of the text at work. You can also build jBilling from source to apply the new language (there is documentation for this), or you can ask the developers (same email address where you sent the file) to do this for you and send you a new version of jBilling.

Thank you for your language contribution!