Volunteer with jBilling

jBilling volunteers enjoy unprecedented levels of platform knowledge and experience, as well as the opportunity to make extra money.


If you’re a developer, then you already know that the best way to learn a technology is to use it in a production environment. We won’t teach you the basics—there are books for that—but our community offers a wealth of knowledge on technologies such as Java EE, Spring, JSP, web services, and Struts.


For many developers, like those still in school or in companies using older technology, it can be tricky to get hands-on experience with the latest tools. The sad truth is that in order to get a job using a technology like J2EE, you need to have experience using J2EE. So where do you start? Since jBilling is an open source project that focuses on developing enterprise applications—instead of frameworks, APIs, or tools—the jBilling developer community is the perfect resource to learn and gain experience. As an added incentive, we issue recommendation letters for significant contributors.


As a volunteer, you do not get paid, but you do learn the internals of jBilling. However, jBilling is also a commercial project, which means we offer our clients consulting, courses, and custom development, among other services. When we distribute paid projects, we always give priority to our volunteers. This is done based on meritocracy: The more you have contributed to the project, the more work will be offered to you. We promote a distributed structure which means you can work from any location. No office politics, no commuting, no dress code; it is the true spirit of open source.


Developers like us enjoy a challenge, and creating good code that makes a difference is just that. It is a great source of satisfaction to know that your work is being used by thousands of companies all over the world. The jBilling developer community is full of talented, driven developers all working towards a common goal. Join us!