Automated Payment Processing

Automatic, real-time payment processing tailored to your business.

jBilling comes with industry-leading features to automate the tedious process of collecting from your customers. jBilling handles multiple payment processors to support credit card and ACH (direct debit) for one-time and recurring payments. Make it a requirement that your customers pre-pay for products and services, allow them to pay upon receipt, or use a combination of both. In situations where a payment fails, you’ll want the payment processor to continue to try and collect it. jBilling gives you complete control over when and how often to retry.


jBilling’s collections process is highly configurable, giving you the flexibility over when you attempt to retrieve automatic payments, send notifications, and even suspend a customer’s account when they do not pay their invoices on time.


There are so many ways your customers want to pay you, so jBilling comes with built-in smarts to handle any payment scenario you’re faced with. You define any combination of full, partial, or overpayments for any customer, and on any invoice. jBilling automatically handles applying payments to the correct invoices.

Credit Control

Let customers pre-pay or make purchases on limited credit lines.

Set and control your customers’ credit limits. With this functionality, customers accrue debt up to a pre-determined amount, then are unable to make additional purchases. jBilling also supports the Diameter AAA Protocol, popular with telco providers; as customers make purchases, their account balances decrease and jBilling monitors how much is left in their account in real-time.

Payment Gateway Plug-Ins

Use plug-ins to integrate with your preferred payment gateways.

jBilling provides you with flexibility when connecting with payment gateways. You can opt for a single gateway or multiple gateways, and set an automatic fail-over to safeguard your business operations. Switching gateways is simple. Choose another plug-in from the many available to you, or create a new one.