Complex Invoicing

Control every aspect of complex invoicing.

You’re offering unique products and services to stay ahead of the game. These may include comprehensive bundles, pre- and post-paid services, hardware and discounts. You also have tax considerations, and may be collecting mandatory fees. Presenting an accurate, attractive invoice with just the right amount of detail, at the right frequency, may seem impossible. It’s not. jBilling gives you complete control over how your invoices are calculated and presented, so you can perfect this important customer touchpoint.  

Accurate Invoicing

Bill your customers confidently with accurate invoices for complex sales.

Billing mistakes are very costly, resulting in lost revenue, upset customers, and even regulatory violations. Are you sure your invoices are being computed exactly the way you intend them to be? jBilling provides the most flexible configuration options and complete visibility into calculations for sales, taxes, interest, fees, currency exchange and anything else that affects your invoices. You also have the powerful option to examine your billing run before invoices are sent to customers. You can apply changes as needed, and only your approved review will run for real.

Customized Invoice Presentation

Design invoices that reflect your brand and requirements.

A great invoice does more than convey purchases, tax, and fee information. It also presents your brand to your customers in a clear, concise, and attractive way. jBilling’s Invoice Template Generator allows you to design every element of your invoices, maintain any number of formats, and easily update them from the user interface as often as needed.

Watch a recorded webinar on YouTube to learn more about jBilling’s Invoice Template Generator.

Flexible Invoice Delivery

Send invoices however you want.

jBilling lets you decide how your customers receive their invoices. Out-of-the-box delivery mechanisms include automatic email delivery, or paper invoice delivered by a billing administrator. If you have a different delivery method in mind, a text message for example, you can easily get it through a custom plug-in. Your accounts can also login to view their historical invoice(s), which can be printed or paid on the spot.