Operating in multiple countries introduces a whole new level of billing complexity—languages, currencies, compliance with different invoicing rules and more. It’s proven so hard to manage for some companies that they’re running a billing system for each market.

jBilling is built for this kind of complexity. It provides ultimate flexibility when it comes to configuring all the things you need to successfully expand into multiple markets, making it the only platform you’ll ever need.

Language Support

Configure and control how languages appear.

Sell anywhere by defining your products, bundles and plans in multiple languages with jBilling’s flexible product catalog. Send invoices in any number of languages to satisfy each of your markets. You can also give your billing administrators and clerks access to jBilling in their preferred language. Preferences can be be set on a per-user basis.

Format Control

Control how characters appear for a localized experience.

Words aren’t the only thing you need to worry about when targeting different countries. Your customers also expect things like dates and balances to appear the way they’re used to. jBilling lets you tailor these formats to provide a localized experience.

Flexible Currency Options

Configure products, bundles and customers using any number of global currencies.

jBilling comes with a pre-configured list of currencies, and gives you the option to add an unlimited number of additional ones at any time. jBilling can capture currency information at the product, bundle, and customer level and automatically convert currencies whenever required.

Tailored Invoicing

Uniquely tailor invoices for different markets.

Invoices are a key customer touchpoint. Using jBilling’s flexible invoicing you can create invoices perfectly suited to the local market. jBilling will automatically invoice your customers using the right design, in the currency they’re expecting, and in compliance with the local legal requirements for invoice presentation.