Complex Account Structures

Build hierarchies and group customers for more control over billing.

Your customers are vital to your business. They have commonalities yet each is unique, so how can you organize them in the most effective way? jBilling gives you flexible options to create account types and complex parent-child account structures so you can tailor settings at multiple levels. Things like language, currency, credit limits, payment type, notifications, and invoice design can be applied at the account type level to gain efficiencies when signing up, bulk-loading and managing customers. Need to offer something unique to that customer alone? You always have options to adjust and customize billing at the individual customer level, so you can offer things like special bundles and discounts.


In addition to the many standard information fields available in jBilling, we provide a custom fields feature that lets you easily add additional attributes to your customer records. Say you need to include an account identifier that links to your CRM, or perhaps a tax ID, with jBilling you can capture as much data as you need and use it in your billing and business processes.

Billing: Hierarchy for Account Structures

Multiple Company & Wholesale / Resale Management

Define both wholesale and resale rates for any service at any time.

On top of managing customer invoices, you might also have to take care of maintaining wholesale and resale rates, and product catalogues for your resellers. You may even need to generate their invoices. jBilling handles all of these and more. From a master company, create, manage and generate invoices for sub-companies, including resellers. jBilling’s configuration options let you define whatever you need—bundles, plans, inventory—at any level of granularity, so that the system can correctly apply your company’s wholesale and resale rates.

User Accounts

Configure role-based security and control system access.

Do you have billing administrators or clerks who require complete access to the system? What about other employees who might only perform one specific task, like generating reports? Create multiple users and assign them unique roles in jBilling. You can override roles on a user-by-user basis to make sure your users have the access they need.