Products & Pricing

Product Catalog

Expertly build out and manage your complex product catalog.

To stay ahead of the competition, you’re creating unique offerings and pricing them in original ways. You’re confident with the market take-up, but you’re worried about your product catalog getting out of control and all the inefficiencies it will cause. Because jBilling is built for complex billing, we provide flexible features for structuring thousands of products—from simple to complex—so you’ll be able to successfully manage every single product, bundle, package and plan in your catalog.

Complex Pricing

Apply any complex pricing scenario with ease.

Your cutting-edge idea for pricing could be a big game changer, if only you could find a billing platform to support it. jBilling supports your innovative ideas with the industry’s most comprehensive set of pricing models. If you have a pricing strategy unique to your company, jBilling’s plug-in architecture lets you quickly extend or customize any pricing model element to suit your need.

Bundles, Packages and Plans

Create bundles, packages, and plans directly through jBilling's user interface.

Bundles are a great way to simplify your product catalog. By grouping products together, you make it easy for your staff to sell them, and for your customers to buy them. jBilling’s lets you structure thousands of products, from simple offerings to complicated bundles, and apply pricing at any level: plan, group of customers, or particular customer.

Special Pricing and Promotions

Create discount and sale prices for particular products, timeframes, and customers.

Your marketing team depends on discount and promotional tactics to achieve business objectives like meeting customer acquisition and revenue targets. Configuring and managing hundreds of promotions can get complicated unless you have a billing system designed for it.  With jBilling your team can quickly define discounts, set start and end dates for each promotion, and apply discounts to a customer, groups of customers, individual items or entire orders.

Pricing with Rate Cards

Upload Rate Cards and let jBilling automatically find and assign the correct price.

Some products have hundreds—if not thousands—of different associated prices. These prices could be based on where a product or service is delivered, or received. The price could also be based on where the customer lives. Regardless of reason, with so many rates associated to one product, it is critical to make sure that the right one is applied at the right time. jBilling’s rate card and data table features give you the tools you need to control this aspect of billing. Directly through jBilling’s user interface, your team can set up rate cards, add, update and change them at any time.

Subscription Management 

Set up and manage your recurring revenue streams.

Recurring revenue is great for business, but it often comes with hidden complexities that need to be addressed. Plans will change over time as you fulfill customer requests and introduce new products and bundles. jBilling’s flexible configuration options enable you to update all your subscriptions accurately when dealing with complicated things like proration, partial terms, cancellation fees, and subscriptions comprised of multiple bundles.

Use your subscriptions to provision services

Maintain control over your business processes by integrating or automating subscription status with other systems. For example, you might offer services that are only charged after they are activated, like a phone line or utility. This activation could take place immediately or in the future. Use jBilling provisioning to define the date for when charges should start.