Custom Fields

  • Accounts—Include additional customer information such as tax ID, mobile phone numbers, or customer tier.
  • Products, Bundles and Plans—Create fields to capture information like alternate product codes, serial numbers, supplier name, connection speed or anything else you require. 
  • Inventory—Include statuses that align with your business processes such as available, committed, and ordered.
  • Orders—Provide structured data fields to help your company extend order information. For example, you may need to bring additional information from a usage record into an order.
  • Invoices—Add custom fields to manage the collections process per your specific policies.
  • Payments—Have more flexibility over how your payment methods are displayed.

Custom fields can be used for recording information and reporting. They can also be incorporated into business logic to meet your company’s specific billing process requirements. Custom fields you create are immediately available through jBilling’s user interface as well as through the API.