Everything you need for Complex Billing

The way consumers and businesses are buying is changing fast, and that means real revenue opportunities in every industry. You may have noticed these shifts: services replacing assets, subscriptions replacing one-time sales, complex bundles replacing simple offerings. 
jBilling supports all the complex billing scenarios required by this new economy. With jBilling you get to market quickly and you adapt quickly. Go ahead and innovate, enter new markets, disrupt the status quo. jBilling provides the features you need to tap the revenue revolution ahead!

Deep Configurability Complex billing can be achieved through jBilling’s many configuration options reducing the need for custom code.
Plug-in Expansions Develop additional functionality to customize jBilling without changing its core.
Integration API jBilling’s API addresses 100% of the platform’s functionality, so you can communicate fluidly with custom apps and enterprise systems.
Enterprise-grade Open Source Enterprise-grade open source technology gives you complete visibility into your system.
Scalable Design jBilling scales horizontally, handling high volumes of transactions in real-time.
Complex Account Structures Create account groups and complex parent-child account structures, and tailor settings at multiple levels.
Custom Fields Create your own fields to capture specific details in different areas of jBilling such as accounts, products and inventory.
Web Access for Customers Customers can log into the system to view and make direct payments to their personal accounts.
Wholesale/Resale Management Define wholesale and resale rates for any offering at any time.
Role-based Security Assign administrators and clerks unique roles in jBilling to control access.
Complex Invoicing
Accurate Invoicing jBilling gives you complete visibility into calculations for sales, taxes, interest, fees, currency exchange and anything else that affects your invoices.
Customized Invoice Presentation Maintain the look and feel of your invoices through easy template configuration.
Flexible Invoice Delivery Distribute invoices via automatic emails and printed copies, or configure a custom plug-in and deliver in any way you like.
Automated Payment Processing Automatically or manually process payments in real-time to facilitate instant money transfers between your company and your customers.
Credit Control Enforce mandatory pre-payments or manage customers’ purchases against credit limits.
Payment Gateway Plug-ins Plug-ins integrate with various payment gateways, giving you the freedom to select any gateway you require.
Products & Pricing
Product Catalog
Complex Pricing jBilling offers the industry’s most comprehensive set of pricing models.
Bundles, Packages, and Plans Create complex bundles, packages, and plans directly through the user interface.
Special Pricing and Promotions Set up a special time-based promotional price on a particular product for a particular time period or customer.
Rate Cards Use rate cards to assign large tables of prices to products.
Subscription Management Set up and manage products, bundles and plans for recurring revenue streams.
Core CDR Processing Process external data into jBilling in an extensible way.
Configurable CDR Format Reading Process events in any format with only configuration.
Readers for Files and Databases Choose the method of mediation that best suits your needs. jBilling provides plug-in readers for both files and databases.
Error Management and Recycling Bin Identify CDRs with errors for quick reprocessing.
Distributed CDR Processing jBilling processes thousands of CDRs per second by enabling parallel processing across clustered servers dedicated to mediation.
Centralized Workflow Modeling Give your entire team a singular place to view and orchestrate activities.
Real-time Workflow Automation Create and run business workflows to automate processes such as customer creation, upgrades, downgrades, refunds and more.
Integrated Inventory Management Connect inventory with billing to better track and manage physical and virtual assets.
Workflow with Inventory Involve unique assets, like software licenses, DiDs and service bundles in billing and provisioning workflows.
Customized Inventory Data Fields Customize your asset descriptions and statuses using any number of custom fields.
Language Support Language Support
Flexible Currency Options Configure products, bundles and customers using the currency of your choice.
Tailored Invoicing Invoice your customers using the right design, in the currency they’re expecting, and in compliance with the local legal requirements for invoice presentation.
Cloud Let jBilling expertly manage and scale your billing infrastructure.
Highly Scalable and Extensible jBilling’s cloud architecture scales horizontally, distributing heavy processes over many servers.
Professional Support jBilling provides high-quality professional services. We can assist you from the moment you deploy your billing solution, all the way to helping you achieve business success.
Mission Critical 24x7 Support jBilling's experienced staff will respond promptly at any time of day or night.

Buy vs Build

Download the PDF for a breakdown of the cost associated with the two options, and learn more about the jBilling solution.