jBilling Workflow

Build, manage and maintain your business workflows with one interface. 

Out-of-control integration points and dependencies between systems like web portals, CRM, billing, ERP, finance, provisioning and manual processes are extremely difficult and expensive to maintain properly—sometimes launching a new product can even be impossible. jBilling Workflow is a toolset that helps you combat this problem by allowing you to control and automate your business processes directly from jBilling’s user interface.

Centralized Workflow Modeling

Give your entire team a singular place to view and orchestrate activities.

Because all departments interact with the billing system, it’s the perfect place to model the business processes that connect functions and teams. jBilling Workflow can be used to show all the needed steps taken across systems to complete your workflows, making critical end-to-end processes crystal clear to your entire team.

Real-time Workflow Automation

Call jBilling APIs from Workflow, and involve manual tasks as well.

All of jBilling’s 300+ API calls are available for you in Workflow. We’ve also developed a new layer of high-level processes so you can easily create and run business workflows to automate customer creation, upgrades, downgrades, refunds and more. jBilling Workflow orchestrates tasks and steps performed by your systems as well as by people, like your field technicians and support staff.

Tune into jBilling’s recorded Webinar on YouTube and see Workflow in action.

Billing: Workflow Process Automation