Exciting News from jBilling and AppDirect

October 18 2012 by Emiliano Conde
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As a member of the jBilling community, you play a key role in the ongoing success of our billing solutions, and our company as a whole. That's why we wanted you to be among the first to know about some exciting news that was recently announced: AppDirect, the leading provider of cloud service marketplace solutions, has acquired jBilling.

What does the acquisition mean? For jBilling community members, very little will actually change. We will continue to serve our existing customers with same advanced, easy-to-use technology and superior customer service that you have come to expect. We will also continue to pursue new opportunities as the world's premier open source billing solutions provider.

Taking a wider view, our collaboration with AppDirect allows us to expand our reach and leverage our combined expertise to make jBilling solutions more robust than ever before. Working together, jBilling and AppDirect are positioned to have a tremendous impact on the way that web-based software and services are distributed.

The jBilling team is thrilled to be working with AppDirect, and we hope that you'll share in our enthusiasm. To learn more about AppDirect, please visit the company's website, www.appdirect.com, or read its recent blog post about the announcement. If you have any questions or concerns about the acquisition, please don't hesitate to contact us here at jBilling.

jBilling Announces New Edition for Telecom Industry

October 16 2012 by Emiliano Conde
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jBilling Telco Edition Is the First Open Source Solution Designed to Meet Telco Needs


Ottawa, Ontario, October 16, 2012 — jBilling, the world's leading open source billing solution, today announced the near-term availability of jBilling Telco Edition, a new version of its widely used billing software specifically built for the telecommunications industry. Available as Software-as-a-Service or downloadable code, jBilling Telco Edition is the first open source solution designed to meet the particular billing needs of telecom companies.

"Telcos have had very few options when it comes to billing. Up until now, their choices have been confined to expensive, proprietary systems, or solutions with limited functionality," said Emiliano Conde, Founder of jBilling. "With jBilling Telco Edition, telecom companies will have a true open source option that is flexible, robust, and can accommodate complex, converged billing with ease."


jBilling has served the telecom industry for more than a decade, and its solutions are used by trusted telecom companies worldwide. However, jBilling Telco Edition marks the first version of the software that will offer new, unique features designed to meet telco specifications. These features include:

  • True cloud-based mediation that dynamically allocates resources for parallel processing of call detail records (CDRs)
  • Pre-paid functionality that is compatible with the Diameter protocol
  • Advanced rating with pricing models and rate cards
  • Pre-configured plug-ins and preferences based on typical telecom implementations

jBilling Telco Edition can also accommodate a wide variety of billing scenarios no matter how complex, including subscriptions, pre-paid billing and accrued credits, as well as metered, volume, and graduated usage. Moreover, telcos can implement jBilling for a wide range of services—such as voice, mobile, Internet, and more—and customize the system to fit their business needs.

"We're excited to provide telecom companies with an open source solution created just for them, and in typical jBilling fashion, we're using the latest technology to build the best possible solution," Conde said. "We're confident that many of jBilling Teclo Edition's features, such as the Hadoop-based cloud mediation module, are going to be trend-setters for the industry."

About jBilling
Founded in 2002, jBilling powers the billing systems of a variety of trusted telecom providers, SaaS companies, public utilities, and others around the globe, including Constant Contact, VeriFone, Sage Software, and more. Based in Ottawa, Canada, jBilling has a distributed team of billing experts around the globe. The company’s leading technology, long-term experience, and industry expertise have enabled jBilling to become the most downloaded open source billing solution, with more than 120,000 downloads in over 150 countries.

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jBilling and Daring Star Announce Partnership

July 12 2012 by Emiliano Conde
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Ottawa, Ontario, June 27th, 2012 — jBilling, a leader and pioneer of open source enterprise billing software, is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Daring Star, an integrator based in Athens, Greece, specializing in services for telecommunication businesses. Daring Star has a solid reputation in developing business and operations support systems—including billing, mediation, middleware, and customer care systems—and has become jBilling’s latest Partner under its Partner Program, which began in 2009.

jBilling's open source enterprise billing software is feature rich, scalable, robust and flexible. Our software offers solutions for clients in many diverse markets, particularly for subscription businesses and large-scale telecommunications and utilities companies. The Partner Program invites firms and individual consultants to partner with jBilling to address the overwhelming demand that jBilling has had for its open source enterprise billing software.

Daring Star has a strong, proven track record of building and managing the development and integration for BSS projects of any size. Daring Star understands the role of a systems integrator and takes full responsibility for the decisions and actions related to work for all their customers. Daring Star has a well-respected client base coupled with solid relationships with major players in the technology market. 

Sebastiano Mion, Co-Founder and Operations Director at Daring Star, commented on the partnership: “Daring Star has created a thriving business through partnerships that deliver real solutions to our growing client base. We recently signed this alliance with JBilling, which gives us a billing system that is optimized for the demands of any player in the telecom market be it a startup operator, an MVNO, or an established telecom carrier. We see real growth in the telecom market, especially for offerings flexible enough to compete successfully. The jBilling partnership gives us access to a solid and cost-effective end-to-end billing solution with a proven track record in telecom.”

Daring Star and jBilling are well-matched business partners from several perspectives. Both companies offer enterprise services, have clients in telecommunications, and have extensive experience in software development and service management. Daring Star is poised to provide jBilling Support Services to its clients.

Emiliano Conde, Founder of jBilling, had this to say about the partnership: “We are thrilled to have a group of experienced telecommunications consultants in Europe who have partnered with jBilling. Through this partnership, our software will reach many more companies that are looking for robust and flexible billing solutions. Equally important is the high level of support services those companies will have access to.”

About jBilling:

jBilling is a global player with consultants on four continents. It’s a mature and rapidly evolving open source system and delivers a comprehensive billing solution that is popular with many industries including telecommunications, ISPs, ASPs, and media.