Partner Program

Our partners are a critical component of our success worldwide.  Businesses around the globe are under pressure to transform to today’s digital reality and their current legacy systems and architecture won’t support their needs.  Our partners consult end clients, combining the best technical solutions to give them a big competitive edge in their market. 


Why be a jBilling Partner?

​Freedom to Transform

With digital transformation on the mind of every enterprise, jBilling offers a flexible cloud billing platform to handle evolving complex requirements. jBilling enables the rapid innovation and time to market critical to organizational success in today’s quickly-evolving market.

Guiding Principles

Partner success is critical to jBilling’s organizational success. jBilling works with partners to maintain strong collaborative relationships.


jBilling's disruptive pricing models strengthen partner success.

Open Source

jBilling enables you with a trusted open source environment.

Tailored Implementations

jBilling makes no assumptions. Our plug-in framework and 100% API addressable platform is built to support whatever disruptive business model and innovative billing metric you can imagine, including those you haven’t thought of yet.  

Flexible Deployment Models

jBilling supports SaaS and on premise multi-tenant deployments, allowing partners to determine the best supporting architecture for their customers.

Partner Enablement & Certification

jBilling provides dedicated Partner Managers, quarterly business reviews and ongoing training and support to further strengthen partner success.


Referral partner

Sells the value of jBilling and passes leads when the prospect is qualified for a jBilling solution.

OEM partner

Fully integrates jBilling into a specific product that is sold to end clients.

White Label

Sells the jBilling solution rebranded under a company logo/brand.

Service Integrator

Adds jBilling to a comprehensive toolkit and consults end clients on what solutions are needed to implement for complex business demands.

Alliance Partner

End clients with similar profiles working with jBilling to solve business and billing challenges.

Product Integration Partner

Integrates out of the box API’s or Plug-ins with both jBilling and partner product to enhance a complete solution.



jBProfessional Partners


jBExpert Partners


jBAuthority Partners

Certified jBAuthority

on-Prem Partners

Position, consult and sell the jBilling solution. They have a solid understanding of the jBilling value propositions and benefits/limitations of the product.                                   Consult & sell as well as provide integration expertise throughout the implementation of the project.  These Partners provide the ability to customize the jBilling environment to meet a specific end client requirement.                                  Master the jBilling training curriculum and are able to consult/sell, implement and fully support an instance of jBilling.  They have additional rights to white-label and own the client relationship 100% from end-to-end.                                          Acquire additional certifications that permit them to host a multi-tenant jBilling instance for their end client deployments.  Additional implementation Scope of Work will be required on a case-by-case basis to ensure optimum deployment.  An additional certification (jB on-prem) is required.


For partnership requests or additional details please contact [email protected].