Ignition Group selects jBilling for Enterprise-Wide Billing Transformation

August 1 2017 by Allison Desveaux

Billing platform meshes with deeply rooted culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, accountability and performance.

OTTAWA, CANADA & DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA -- July 20th, 2017 -- jBilling, the open source billing provider driving digital transformation, and Ignition Group, one of Africa's largest providers of technology, media, telecommunication and financial services, today announced the selection of jBilling for company-wide billing transformation.

Headquartered in Durban, South Africa, Ignition Group services customers worldwide through group divisions offering retail voice and data communications, wholesale telecommunications, financial products, affinity programs and contact center solutions, all of which are underscored by Ignition Group’s purpose—to make life better through innovative technology.

Having been founded in 2002, Ignition Group was experiencing challenges typical of an outgrown, legacy billing system. Being a people-centred organisation, concerns in multiple areas of the business displayed the need for a more streamlined system that would focus on correcting billing issues.

Knowing that their new billing infrastructure would need to support business verticals mandated to swiftly develop, innovate and adapt, the team set out to find an open technology platform that could support universal requirements, as well as be tailored for their very unique needs:

  • Eliminate human capital wasted on continuous billing break-fix cycle
  • Produce accurate invoices and reduce customer calls to service desk
  • Support clear communication with banking partners
  • Support value-added services
  • Automate the manual processes of determining optimal bill and payment processing dates for customers

“As they undertake digital transformation, wise organizations are prioritizing investment in systems of innovation,” commented Ed Agar, Vice President Marketing and Sales, jBilling. “Unlike traditional systems of record, modern platforms like jBilling are built to remain nimble. We’re thrilled jBilling has joined Ignition Group’s ranks of enabling technologies.”

Ignition Group is leveraging a number of features included with jBilling: Tailored integration and a daily sync to accounting and collections systems provides staff with the intelligence needed for effective operations. jBilling’s highly flexible product catalog is used to extend discounts and provide customer-specific pricing (without having to create additional products in the catalog). And jBilling’s sophisticated rules engine is being used, in conjunction with a third party services, to intelligently process debit orders for maximum transaction success.

“If I could sum it up, our objective with this project is to implement a billing solution that we wouldn’t even know is there, a seamless system that just fulfills its role, billing exactly the right amount, at exactly the right time,” said Russell Stather, IT Director, Ignition Group. “And as entrepreneurs, with our business being dynamic and adaptable at its core, we needed a platform that would support future unknowns. For all these reasons, we selected jBilling.”

Details about Ignition Group’s wide-ranging services can be found at http://www.ignitiongroup.co.za/. More information about jBilling is available at www.jbilling.com.


About Ignition Group

Ignition Group, now one of Africa’s largest investors in technology, media, telecommunications and financial services sectors, provides a platform for sustainability and success. With a staff complement of nearly 3 000 people, Ignition Group has a team of experts in the fields of IT, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Sales, Development, Compliance, Customer Care, Training and Support. Ignition Group has built a sound infrastructure to support a number of business verticals within the Group, allowing the business verticals to swiftly develop, innovate, adapt and support our Business Partners and strategies.

About jBilling

jBilling, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AppDirect, helps companies drive digital transformation by modernizing their billing infrastructure. Legacy business support systems—be they commercial or built in house—are increasingly eroding competitiveness. Forward-looking companies are implementing jBilling as a system of innovation and engagement to help them achieve critical business outcomes such as time-to-market gains, reduced churn and increased revenue per user. jBilling has been adopted by organizations in Telecommunications, SaaS, PaaS, Utilities, Transportation, Government and other industries. An enterprise-grade, open source platform, jBilling is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) or on premise, and supported by over 100 billing experts and software engineers located across four continents.


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