New maintenance release: jbilling 1.0.9

August 24 2007 by Lou Jeannot
Filed under Product Update
A new maintenance release is now available for public download. This is jbilling version 1.0.9 and consist mostly of bug fixes, with just a few enhancements and new features. The previous release, jbilling 1.0.8, introduced the biggest change to the core billing process in years: the asynchronous payment processing feature. Like any major change, it came with some bugs. And those bugs are mostly what has been fixed in this latest release. As for enhancements and new features, they are mostly around the jbilling API, which keeps getting improved, tested by companies integrating with jbilling. This is our last release based on J2EE 1.4. We have been working to port jbilling to Java EE 5, and jbilling 1.1.0 will be based on it. We will also adopt the traditional release strategy of getting betas and release candidates before the final version. Those of you eager for new features can help us test the release candidates.