Let our Billing Domain experts uncover value never thought possible.

At jBilling, we build long-term partnerships with our customers to achieve exceptional business outcomes and ongoing value. We employ a proven discovery process to uncover all areas in your billing chain where optimization is possible. While this requires us to invest heavily in our customers upfront, it’s well worth it.

Billing Transformation Consulting Process

This is what you can expect when you work with our consulting team:

Understand—We’ll invest the time necessary to understand how your company operates using a “billing centric” view, but always staying at business level.

Find—We’ll find your inefficiencies, weak integration points, where resources are being wasted, and root cause of errors.

Map—We’ll map what we’ve found to points of jBilling’s value.

Analyze—We’ll perform a functional analysis to determine the best way to tailor and deploy jBilling to maximize business impact.

Value—We’ll quantify the return on your project.

Proposal—We’ll detail the concrete outcomes, like more revenue and reduced costs, that will result from your project with a clear ROI.

We make moving forward with our proposal easy with commercial options that include sharing the risk and return on your project. 

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