jBilling for Communications Service Providers

Launch innovative new products and services without being held back by your legacy OSS/BSS systems.


Communications service providers (CSPs) around the world face new competitive threats coming from every direction. To succeed, CSPs must innovate and disrupt the market with new products and services, as well as exceptional customer experiences. However, most organizations are burdened by legacy systems and infrastructure, technology that makes it difficult and costly to make changes and adapt.




CSPs need billing technology that provides maximum flexibility while accelerating time to market. With jBilling, you can take advantage of a solution that makes it easy to add new products, bill for any subscription or metered usage, and improve the customer experience with accurate, streamlined invoicing. Moreover, jBilling can be easily deployed in a legacy environment.


How it works

jBilling is a high performing, highly configurable billing system that supports even the most demanding requirements. Our solution can be completely integrated to existing systems to create a seamless end-to-end experience and to give you a single source of truth for billing across their organizations.




Launch disruptive services

Successful companies innovate around operations, customer relationships, and overall experience delivered to customers. jBilling has the flexibility CSPs need to innovate across all of these areas and more. Customizations are developed as plug-ins, isolating our core code and preserving your software upgrade path.



Automate and integrate


jBilling is a 100 percent API-addressable solution. This means the solution enables seamless integrations between billing and other systems—both current and future—allowing CSPs to avoid vendor lock-in. You can also configure jBilling to automate any task no matter how complex, allowing you to deliver a frictionless experience to your customers.