Tailor invoices and make them easy to understand


Billing complaints are reported as the number one source for calls into a call center. Inaccurate, confusing bills that aren’t catered to that customer’s experience cause confusion, frustration, and are a leading source of churn. Invoicing is an opportunity to utilize this touchpoint with your customers. Tailor your invoices in minutes and increase invoice accuracy by implementing a single source of truth for all of your billing.

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Easily Tailor Invoices

A monthly invoice is one of the main touchpoints that you have with your customers. Shouldn’t you make sure that you invest in that experience? With legacy billing systems, making changes to an invoice template typically involves one or more engineers. At jBilling, our Invoice Template Generator (ITG) has been designed to encourage you to make changes. Adapt your messaging on a monthly basis if required.


Make Bills Simple to Understand

Reducing calls into your call center from unhappy customers is a top priority for most companies. Increasing Net Promoter Scores and customer satisfaction rates have a direct impact on your bottom line. Billing complaints are the number one reason customers call their providers. To mitigate these calls, you need to ensure that your invoices are accurate and your billing system is the single source of truth. At jBilling, we help our customers overcome these roadblocks and create an improved billing infrastructure that can immediately have a positive impact on returns.

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