Using jBilling as a developer

jBilling is built with a flexible plug-in architecture around a solid, stable core.

Developers can quickly write their own plug-ins for any function.

jBilling is a transparent platform that gives developers access to all of its technology.

Developers can use existing jBilling APIs to create user-friendly interfaces, or they can build their own.

Recent News

Enterprise jBilling Software Ltd. Announces Release of jBilling Telco Edition 3.3

April 2 2014 by Crystal Bourque

Ottawa, Ontario, April 2, 2014 - Enterprise jBilling Software Ltd., a leader and pioneer of open source enterprise billing, today released version 3.3 of jBilling Telco Edition.

jBilling 3.3 Telco Edition comes with the addition of many new features including: Discounts, Time Capsule, Customizable Collections & Automatic-Payment Configuration, Dynamic Tabs, Diameter AAA Protocol, and Distributed Mediation Processing.

“At jBilling, we work very hard on expanding the capabilities of our software to stay on top of the ever evolving billing industry,” says Emiliano Conde, Founder & President of Enterprise jBilling Software Ltd.. “These new features will help to improve the billing process for both our existing and new customers in many significant ways.”

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