Using jBilling as a developer

jBilling is built with a flexible plug-in architecture around a solid, stable core.

Developers can quickly write their own plug-ins for any function.

jBilling is a transparent platform that gives developers access to all of its technology.

Developers can use existing jBilling APIs to create user-friendly interfaces, or they can build their own.

Community jBilling
Plug-in Expansions Yes Yes
Integration API No Yes
Complex Parent-child Account Structures Yes Yes
Custom Fields Yes Yes
Wholesale/Resale Management No Yes
Role-Based Security No Yes
Complex Invoicing Yes Yes
Customized Invoice Presentation No Yes
Automated Payment Processing Yes Yes
Credit Control No Yes
Payment Gateway Plug-ins Yes Yes
Product Catalog Yes Yes
Complex Pricing No Yes
Core CDR Processing No Yes
Centralized Workflow Modeling No Yes
Integrated Inventory Management No Yes
Language Support Yes Yes
Flexible Currency Options Yes Yes

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