The jBilling Story

jBilling's mission is to provide a robust, secure, open source alternative for enterprise billing. With our world-class service team, we help companies all over the world deploy and maintain billing solutions to meet their business needs.


jBilling was founded in 2002 on a simple idea: that billing could be better. Since then, we've written hundreds of thousands of lines of code to build an advanced billing solution that is robust yet flexible and easy to use. In the process, we became the first company to provide an open source enterprise billing system and now serve our customers as the world's leading open source billing solutions provider.

Emiliano Conde, jBilling's founder, has over 15 years of software development experience in senior positions in large multinational corporations. Emiliano is passionate about exploring innovative ways to solve business problems with software engineering, and has a proven record in business planning, development process optimization, and project management. Emiliano works with an experienced global team to deliver technology expertise and superior customer service worldwide.