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Solving Complex Billing with Deep Configurability

  • Complex Pricing jBilling offers the industry’s most comprehensive set of pricing models.
  • Bundles, Packages, and Plans Create complex bundles, packages, and plans directly through the user interface.
  • Complex Account Structures Create account groups and complex parent-child account structures, and tailor settings at multiple levels.


Customize While Preserving Your Upgrade Path

  • Plug-in Expansions Develop additional functionality to customize jBilling without changing its core.
  • Custom Fields Create your own fields to capture specific details in different areas of jBilling such as accounts, products and inventory.
  • Language Support Language Support


Control Every Aspect of Your Billing

  • Scalable Design jBilling scales horizontally, handling high volumes of transactions in real-time.
  • Enterprise-grade Open Source Enterprise-grade open source technology gives you complete visibility into your system.
  • Integration API jBilling’s API addresses 100% of the platform’s functionality, so you can communicate fluidly with custom apps and enterprise systems.
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