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jBilling offers four unique editions to meet your company's needs. Contact us today to discuss your billing needs and custom solutions.

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Subscription

  • Integration API A robust integration API makes it possible for your own application to make a call to jBilling.
  • Payment Gateway Plug-ins Plug-ins integrate with various payment gateways, giving you the freedom to select any gateway you require.
  • Web Access for Customers Customers can log into the system to view and make direct payments to their personal accounts.
  • Bundles, Packages, and Plans jBilling enables you to create complex bundles, packages, and plans directly though the user interface.
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Telco Edition

Specialized Telco

  • Core CDR Processing Process external data into jBilling in an extensible way.
  • Pre-Payments and Credit Limits Allow customers to pre-pay or accrue credit for goods and services while ensuring that purchases do not go above a set account limit.
  • Distributed CDR Processing Scale to thousands of CDRs per second by enabling parallel processing across a cluster of servers dedicated to mediation.
  • Rate Cards Use rate cards to assign large tables of prices to products.
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Telco Hosted

Cloud-Based for Your Convenience

  • Professional Support jBilling provides high-quality professional services. We can assist you from the moment you deploy your billing solution, all the way to helping you achieve business success.
  • Configure PDF Invoice Format Maintain the look and feel of your invoices through easy PDF configuration.
  • Custom Fields Create customized fields to add important personalized details to your customer accounts.
  • Billing-as-a-Service
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Looking for the Community Edition?

jBilling offers a Community Edition that developers can work with to learn the ins and outs of the software. Download it and become part of our thriving developer community.

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